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The object of art is not to reflect the visible but to make visible.

_______________________________________________-Paul Klee

Secret, 2011

Welcome to Karen Gjelten Stone.com!

I am delighted that you have come to visit. For most of my life I have been making mixed-media art and facilitating others’ involvement in art.

So please, come in, take a look around. You will see galleries of some selected artworks, grouped by series—though with my holistic process there is considerable overlap and you may see the same image in more than one gallery. Every piece still in my possession is fair game for revisions, so there are some big date ranges, but most of the works pictured were finished within the past five years or so.

You will find information about my approach and influences, processes, and writing, and how to acquire some of my work. There are examples of new endeavors: commissioned artworks for liturgical and public settings, with details about how to commission similar works, and mixed-media artworks on three-dimensional wood objects.

Please enjoy browsing around the site. I would love to hear from you—I am always looking for new stories, images, art processes and tips, and anything else you have to share. So feel free to contact me with your comments and questions, but keep in mind that travel is one of my passions, so I am not always able to answer emails promptly.

Do come back to visit again and again, because I will continue to add new features (especially about process, materials, and education) and new artworks. Like my art, this website will always be a work in process.

Karen Gjelten Stone copyright 2011 kmhstone@hotmail.com